Where do you get your bread from?

Artisan bakery. Unfortunately they only sell to Cafe and Restaurants, but in case you are really keen, we can always order an extra one and sell it to you.

Do you have a job for me?

At the moment we are fine, but we’ll put out a sign in the window if this changes.

Can I pre-order drinks?

Well, you really don’t need to, as we are proud of our swift service. But if you would really like to, we can always make a note in our diary.

Do you offer food in the evenings?

Yes, we do now offer food all day from 10am until 10pm.

Do you take reservations when you show sports?

We do not take reservations and it is first come first served

Are children allowed?

Table football is fun for kids too. So Children are allowed in the premises if accompanied by an adult before 6pm. Unfortunately under 18 years olds will not be allowed in the premises without an adult or after 6pm.


Do I need a reservation to play?

No, everybody can just come and play.


Do you offer dishes which are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan… ?

We always try to include gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food options on our daily food menu and most of the time we can change the dishes in order to accommodate any dietary requirements, however sometimes this might be difficult and unfortunately due to our restricted size we cannot guarantee that there won’t be allergens in our kitchen.

Please remember to inform us of any allergies and intolerances you have.

Where are your dishes made?

When you come in in the morning you can see, that all our dishes are cooked freshly for the same day. That’s why some dishes might run out during the lunch shift. We believe it’s worth it though…so be quick to get the biggest choice!

Is there a Menu I can see?

Daily specials are prepared every morning and afternoon and unfortunately are not available online but call us or follow us on social media to find out what our chefs prepare on the day.

With the large choice of drinks we offer we think it might just be best to come in and check the choice for yourself, but feel free to call if you’d like to know anything specific.

How much is Table Football?

One game of table football costs £1.
You simply need to pop in one £1 coin into the coin mechanism, pull the lever and 11 balls will appear in the tray with a magical sound. No problem if you haven’t got any coins, we can exchange cash with £1 at the bar or add the pound coins to your tab.

If there are less than 11 balls in your table, please complain to the bar staff.


How do I get to Cafe Kick?

Cafe Kick is in the heart of Exmouth Market. The nearest stations are Farringdon or Angel and then a 10-15 minute walk from there.

Bus numbers 17, 19, 38, 45, 46, 63, 341 drop you off very close to the venue.

Or just take a walk or cycle to us.