When we opened in 1997 there were not many bars in London, which had a traditional French football table, and we had three!

We started off with Rene Pierre tables, followed by Sulpie tables (a small family business which we visited in Cognac, France), but then finally switched to the B60 Bonzini tables.
At the moment we have one table football in play.

Table football is the best bar game ever! Bar the fact that it's a skillful sport, it's a true platform for getting to know the friends you have, make new friends  you didn't or even meet the love or your life.

The B60 Bonzini table, first introduced in France in 1959, is the father of the French baby foot tables. It is still manufactured by hand in the Bonzini factory in France. With its beech wood cabinet and cast iron figurines it looks exactly the same as its original prototype. It even still has the miniature ashtrays as a reminder of the cafe culture that baby foot came from. By request of our professional players we've switched from the traditional cork balls to the current specially formulated pro-balls, which according to the International Table Soccer Federation ITSF are ‘soft but firm enough to allow players to stop, grip and launch straight from the off’. The polished aluminium goals are just waiting for a 'gamelle' (when the ball enters the goal and comes out again) and dare anyone who does a 'demi' (scoring from the middle) or a 'pissette' (complicated to explain,  we can show you what it means when you come in), don't get us started on 'râteau'... there are many French bar or Competition rules, but at Cafe Kick you just need to agree with your opponent which rules you would like to follow. If you loose you can always cheer yourself up with a Ricard...Our tables work with £1 coins for 11 balls per game.